Website Development Examples Embedding PDFs

PdfTron Example
  1. First click on "Viewing" below.
  2. Second under the "Choose a file to view", click on the drop-down arrow and choose one of the top three. The top three are a PDF, a Word Doc and the third choice is a PowerPoint file without motion.
  3. Then to view an external PDF in this viewer, copy the link below and paste in the
    "Or pass a url to a document" form input and then click on the Submit button.
    1. To do this, click on the "Copy TEXT" button to copy the text of the file address to your clipboard.
    2. Then to paste the file address, click in the form input box underneath where it says "Or pass a url to a document" and that puts your cursor in the form and press (ctrl+v) to paste the address of the external file (PDF file).
  Copy this file address.